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Currently spreading the love in Mexico. Please keep that in mind when booking in-person services.


I'm so grateful you're here

Portrait of Saurora Grace smiling happily at the viewer

Welcome. I'm so grateful you're here.

Portrait of Saurora Grace sitting upright on the bed wearing a thin white tunic

After years of training and adventure, I have discovered my soul purpose - to help you:


  • have a conscious relationship with yourself and others,

  • heal trauma & triggers whilst deprogramming from conditioning,

  • and to live a truly fulfilled life.


I absolutely LOVE celebrating the body, and can guide you towards connecting with yours on a level you never thought possible. 

My experience and intuition can help you discover the right pathway - whether that's exploring holistic healing modalities, experiencing a destination retreat, or diving into the exhilarating world of conscious kink.

I work with everyone, no matter their abilities or gender identity - everyone is welcome.


I’m so excited for you to begin your journey.

Take a look around and find out what’s calling to you...

and when you’re ready to reach out, I’ll be here.

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