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Currently spreading the love in Mexico. Please keep that in mind when booking in-person services.

Bodywork Practitioner

Closeup of woman's bare back, tattoos, red lingerie

Bodywork Practitioner

Closeup of woman's bare back, tattoos, red lingerie

Bodywork encompasses various techniques such as manipulative therapy, breath work, and energy medicine, all of which help:


  • Enhance your posture, leading to better self-worth

  • Foster a stronger connection between mind and body

  • Positively influence the body's electromagnetic field which promotes better health

Discover the different varieties of bodywork I offer below. When you've found an option you connect with, just use the contact form to get in touch and we'll discuss how I can help you. 


Trauma Release Massage

Healing through sexuality

This style of bodywork is a hands-on approach, all about releasing stored trauma that has been trapped in the body. The key characteristics and benefits include:


  • Intention setting, breathwork and meditation - the sessions are all about you and your body

  • Working intuitively with the body to release anything that is no longer serving you

  • Working deep into the body for an emotional and healing experience

Trauma release massage is a deeply personal process and can invoke some powerful emotions. During the session, I will help you to welcome and experience these feelings as I hold a safe and non-judgemental space for you.

Tantric massage closeup of female hands on male chest


Sensual Tantric Massage

Where the sacred meets the sensual

Sensual Tantric Massage is a beautiful practice that blends relaxation with the exploration of gorgeous erotic pleasure. In a session with me, you'll be treated to:
•    A full-body massage infused with my gentle, intuitive touch
•    Intimate body-to-body contact, with a focus on the pelvic area
•    If desired, an extension of the experience to include genital massage
•    A guide on how to move sexual energy away from your pelvis, resulting in full body bliss.

With my undivided attention and devotion, we will awaken new levels of pleasure and ecstasy.

These sessions are available for individuals or partners, and your comfort is my top priority.


Whether you choose to be naked or partially clothed, rest assured that you'll be in a safe and loving environment.

Tantric massage scene with female maseur working on male client
Saurora Grace sitting on bed
Sensual closeup of collarbone and hands
Take back control and reconnect with yourself


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